Why Every Prepper Needs a Reserve of Raw Honey

Honey is one of nature’s most amazing gifts. It’s a substance which offers dozens of useful and health-boosting properties aside from its wonderful, sweet flavor. All serious preppers should make sure to obtain a sizable quantity of raw, natural honey to add to their survival stockpiles.
It’s one of the few foods that have an unlimited shelf life; honey will never go bad due to its antibacterial properties, which are also part of what makes it so healthy. Considering its versatility in the kitchen, along with its medicinal value, honey is likely to prove to be an extremely valuable commodity to have on hand during a long-term survival situation.
One of the key things to remember when obtaining a quantity of honey is to make sure it is natural and unpasteurized. Most of the honey you’ll see on the shelf at the grocery store has been pasteurized, which robs it of many of its healthful properties.

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