Ending Hunger is Everyone’s Responsibility

With the expected growth of the world population, there will be an increasing need for food,
which should be rich in the micronutrients, vitamins and minerals indispensable for
a balanced diet and human development and well-being.
Bees are renowned for the production of highly nutritious products (such as honey, royal jelly and pollen)
and other products (such as wax, propolis and bee venom) used in medicines, forage and construction.
But bees do more than this!
The role of bees and other pollinators is of key importance, as they provide for 90 percent of global nutrition
or in other word, three-quarters of food crops in the world depend to some extent on pollination.
Already nowadays every third bite of food we take is thanks to a bee or other pollinator. (said Ban Ki Moon).

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